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“Jessica is direct and compassionate all at the same time. I felt instantly comfortable with her from the moment we spoke on the phone” Anonymous 360 client

About Me

A Guide to Holistic Living and Emotional Balance

I am an experienced counselor who is passionate about helping people overcome addictions and mental health issues. I believe in the power of combining evidenced-based therapeutic practices with holistic principles, to achieve mind, body, and soul balance. The principles I teach through my curriculum not only help the clients I serve, but are the same principles I use every day that have allowed me to maintain my own holistic recovery for over 10 years. In addition to a lifetime of personal experience being raised in a family system consumed by addiction and mental illness, I have worked as a therapist in residential treatment, outpatient community mental health and now private practice. I am committed to helping you create a plan for recovery that is attainable and specific to your individual needs.  If you are willing, I am able to guide you along your journey of reclaiming your life.

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